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Our goal is to help answer your questions so you can make educated decisions on your Medicare plan(s). These articles cover a variety of health and life insurance topics, including the various policies and supplements. 

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Medicare Enrollment

What Are Medicare GI Rights?

Many people believe that the Affordable Care Act prevents insurance companies from factoring in pre-existing conditions when applying for a policy. However, this protection doesn’t

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Person counting money, wondering if Medigap plans are worth it
Medicare Plan

Are Medigap Plans Worth It?

We won’t argue that Medigap plans are one of the more expensive options you have to supplement your Original Medicare benefits. Most of us pay

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Woman with laptop, researching Medicare Supplement Plan K and Plan L

Medicare Supplement Plan K and Plan L

Medicare provides essential health insurance for millions of beneficiaries across the United States. However, Original Medicare alone doesn’t cover all of your medical expenses. Parts

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