Will Medicare Cover Virtual Appointments?

Virtual check-ins with your doctor or other approved practitioners also referred to as “brief technology communication-based services,” are covered under Medicare Part B

Original Medicare Costs 

Virtual check-ins allow you to participate in doctor’s visits via telephone, audio/visual system, or captured video image without ever leaving your home. Your doctor or nurse practitioner may communicate with you in a few different methods, such as: 

  • phone
  • audio/visit
  • secure text messages
  • emails
  • patient portals

You will pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount, just like you would if you visited your physician or nurse practitioner in person. The Part B deductible still applies in this situation. 

What Do Virtual Appointments Include?

Medicare virtual appointments cover a variety of services, such as:

  • doctor visits 
  • psychotherapy
  • consultations
  • certain other medical/health services that are provided by a physician located elsewhere

You may receive telehealth services without being located in a rural area for the following instances:

  • Monthly ESRD visits for dialysis
  • Services for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of symptoms of the occurrence of an acute stroke wherever you are located at the time.
  • Treating a substance abuse disorder or a co-occurring mental health disorder

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